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Rotocult recognized the opportunity to develop this cultivation technology as traditional vertical cultivating techniques were diminishing the soil value every time a traditional implement is passed over the ground.  In response to these observations and feedback from farmers Rotocult developed a Horizontal Cultivator using a patented slicing action.  Extensive field trials have resulted in the Rotocult Horizontal Cultivator outperforming the current range of farming implements and in effect making them obsolete. The Horizontal Cultivator is an implement pulled by a tractor (minimum 160hp pto) for soil preparation prior to and after planting.  The Horizontal Cultivator uses a revolutionary cutting action to prepare agricultural and horticultural land using minimum tillage techniques.  The cutting action is horizontal instead of the vertical action used by all existing agricultural field preparation implements.

The cutting action of the Double Horizontal Cultivator uses two 6 blade sets computer positioned on base plates. 3 inner & 3 outer blades are positioned to allow a 100mm circumference difference.  The angle of attack and blade positioning allows the 3 outer blades to cut the front half of ground and the 3 inner blades to cut the back half of the cultivation, thereby reducing individual blade effort by 50% and achieving a 2000 linear feet per minute cutting action at 160hp power take-off. The result is a one-pass destruction and mulching of old stools to a maximum depth of 500mm (using long blades) leaving prepared ground ready for new plantings.  Strategic tillage techniques ensure only the ground for planting is prepared not the inter-row spacing. The cultivator also mulches any ground cover or weed depositing it 150mm below the surface, reducing weed growth during early new plant growth. The average ground speed currently achieved is 4-8.kph at a width of 2.5 meters resulting in one pass field preparation of an average I hectare per hour at 4kph.

It effectively reduces field preparation to a one machine - one pass operation verses traditionally up to 8-12 passes with a variety of different agricultural machinery implements.  The productivity gains and cost savings can be briefly described as a reduction in time for 10 hectares for sugar cane field preparation at 4kph (2.5m width) from up to the current 6-10 days (I0 hour day - weather permitting) to I day (I0 hours - almost all weather conditions).  Its environmental benefits, soil management, cost savings and productivity gains will be revolutionary in agriculture. These include minimum tillage, a cost effective competitor to chemical "topping" technique, mulching and depositing 150mm below the surface, reduced fertilizer application, maximum 500mm depth cultivation, soil structure remains intact, moisture retention, minimal dust/top soil loss due to below ground cutting action, no residual "hard rolled" subsurface and minimal subsoil water runoff.